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Hemdre Off Road Recovery Winch Weight Bag

Hemdre Off Road Recovery Winch Weight Bag

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Material: Heavy duty reinforced PVC with wide Velcro tabs for quick set-up and pack away.It is easy to Clean.
Size: 17X19 inch(43x49cm)  Net Weight: 1.7Lbs(0.75kgs)
Features: Stronger, NOT unwieldy and high visibility light orange color with reflective strip. Easy to use and just simply drop the dampener over your cable or rope. It is suitable for all winch cables,ropes and strips.
Functions: The dampener will reduce the risk of damage or injury if a cable or rope fails by decreasing the recoil.
Shipping & Warranty: One year warranty.

Winch dampener is a necessary safety tool for the Rescue in self driving:

When the vehicle is in trouble, when the winch begin to work, it is very dangerous if the line break and may even cause death. Therefore, the winch rope blanket plays a very important role in the rescue.

1:Warning: Remind people to pay attention.

2:Keeping Safe: The dampener lays over the top of the winch line to absorb the tension of the winch line and if the line snaps,it prevents the rope or cable from snapping back like a whip to injury people and vehicle.

3:Prevent traffic accidents: Remind other vehicles not to jump into the team.

4:Inner Pocket: As the dampener:in order to increase security,it can temporarily install stones, sand, etc. in the pocket to increase the damping effect;as the tool bag,it can install the tow rope,shackle,Screwdriver, wrench and other hard tools to save the space.

5:Wear: It can be worn as a high visibility vest for safer road side repairs or wheel changing etc.

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