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Hemdre 1"×30' Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope & Tow Rope(36,500lbs), with 2 D-Ring

Hemdre 1"×30' Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope & Tow Rope(36,500lbs), with 2 D-Ring

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【High quality professional rope】1"x30' Kinetic Recovery Rope is made of 100% nylon double braided material, with super abrasion resistance and ultra-durable UV resistance, making it possible to use in different scenarios.

【High strength breaking force】The breaking strength of the rope is more than 36,500 pounds, when the rescue vehicle pulls the trapped vehicle, pulling the kinetic energy of the vehicle will make the kinetic energy more smoothly and effectively transferred to the trapped vehicle through the characteristics of nylon material. The kinetic energy recovery rope can be stretched up to 35%, it can effectively make the trapped vehicle out of the mud suction while reducing the impact load of the vehicle.

【Durable and reliable】The tow rope can work properly in any weather conditions (-40°F to 215°F), and the nylon material will not shrink to be truly reliable and durable.

【With 2 D-ring shackles】 The 3/4 inch D-ring shackle is made of heavy-duty forged steel with a traction capacity of over 41,887 pounds and a 7/8 inch anti-loosening safety screw pin for superb anti-loss stability. The product also include a drawstring storage bag for easy storage of the rope.

【After-sales service】When you have any questions and suggestions about the products in the process of use, we will listen to your questions and solve your problems quickly. Please rest assured that our after-sales service! We will help each customer to deal with any problems on the product!

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